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Rare pieces of history. A worth while job. Though I wish the contents had been readable especially about the demise statement on Quaid-e-Azam. Two thing were note worthy. A Jang edition of 12th Sept mentions that Quad expired at 1022 pm today, and at other places of the following day editions mention of press release giving the date as 11th Sept?
Next is the cyclone that hit Karachi in 1902. This I had noted previously (in west coast of Pilotage?) but I did not find it in subsequent editions of other publications for the mariners.(I am not sure if the west coast of India pilotage is still being published). Is it possible to enlarge and read exactly the details of 1902 news?
Much appreciate the effort. How did you manage it?

I am working in MNC company since June 2013. My IQAMA Profession is “Executive Secretary”. And I have all the documents including Degree attestation (Bachelor of Arts-Economics), Company Letter for Salary, Marriage Certificate with attestation etc…
Last 8 months before i tried to get my family visa. But in Istiqdam office they rejected 4 times. The reason is: My entry Visa . Generel Labor.
Then i bought my family as a Visit Visa. Now, i need family Permanent Visa. Can please advise me, can i get my family Permanent Visa?

Anwaar elahi

anwaar elahi


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