Boli steroid

In February 2009, Sports Illustrated reported that Alex Rodriguez tested positive for two anabolic steroids , testosterone and metenolone enanthate, while playing for the Texas Rangers in 2003. He claims to have purchased them over the counter, in the Dominican Republic . However, " boli ," as he referred to it, is an illegal substance in the Dominican Republic. [5] [6] In an interview with ESPN two days after the SI revelations, Rodriguez admitted to using banned substances from 2001 to 2003, citing "an enormous amount of pressure to perform," but said he had not since then used banned performance-enhancing substances. [7] [8] He said he did not know the name(s) of the particular substance(s) he was using, and would not specify whether he took them in injectable form. [7]

The story was essentially the same in the four pharmacies I visited in La Romana. In this baseball-mad country, kids wearing hats of every major-league team play ball on the side streets, usually with two-by-fours instead of bats. I bought 100 mg of testosterone at one pharmacy for 569 pesos, or about $16. (I threw it in the trash before I left the Dominican Republican and didn't bring it back to the States.) The Farmax, a national chain located inside the Jumbo supermarket, was out of Primobolan, but employees said they could get it — and it was available without a prescription.

Boli steroid

boli steroid


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