Primobolan depot ampul

On the underground market, Primobolan® is sought after and consequently is made promptly accessible. Essentially all manifestations of this injectable steroid will be bundled in 1 ml glass ampules, with each one holding 100mg of the medication in Europe and 50mg in Mexico (Germany additionally handles a 1 ml redi-ject). Inside the ., the 50mg ampules from Mexico and 100mg ampules from Spain and Greece most generally appear. The fascination is most likely the cost, as Primobolan® is not an amazingly shabby item. A solitary 100mg ampule will for the most part offer for around $15 to 20 in the United States. The 50mg ampule is normally a bit less expensive, maybe $10 on normal. Obviously this is most likely not as financially savvy, and in more awful cases this readiness will offer for about the same cost as the 100mg version.

The drug isn’t exposed to aromatization process, which is one of its most important advantages. Athletes never noted side effects such as gynecomastia and edema. Methenolone very weakly reduces the synthesis of endogenous testosterone. The overwhelming effect of the drug is much lower than testosterone or Deca. Methenolone cycle, in a dose of 50 mg / day (orally) suppresses testosterone secretion somewhere 40-50%. If you want to spend a long cycle of preparation with exaggerated dosages, add Gonadotropin to the cycle, at a dosages of 500 IU, twice a week. Prima has virtually no effect on blood pressure, and does not raise bad cholesterol. Currently, Primobolan is one of the safest anabolic steroids available in the market.
Primobolan: reviews
Athletes gain enough muscle mass used to take in order to save it. Also works great for relief, it dries muscles, and can be one of the speakers combined cycle cutting and eyeliner to the competitive season and beyond. Additional bonus of Methenolone – it has very low incidence of side effects and minimize the phenomenon of rollback.
The drug can be used by girls-athletes, because it has a low androgenic index, which is very rarely causes virilization phenomena.

Primobolan depot ampul

primobolan depot ampul


primobolan depot ampulprimobolan depot ampulprimobolan depot ampulprimobolan depot ampulprimobolan depot ampul